The Best Android Games of All Time

Check out our pick of our favourite new Android games available in 2019, as well as what we think are the best Android games of all time. Download any of these titles on your Android phone or tablet and you’ll soon be wondering where the time’s gone.

best android games of all time

There are loads of round-ups of the best Android games on the web, so what makes ours different? Well, for a start, we’ve included not only the most recent trending titles, but also our favourite games of all time – the ones we routinely go back to, despite them being released several years ago. These games never get old.

We also recognise that sometimes you have to put your hand in your pocket if you want something truly special, so while the majority of the Android games in our list are free, there are a couple of paid-for games, too.

On the subject of payment, you should be aware that even free games usually contain paid-for elements – extra coins or customisation options, for example. If anyone other than you – perhaps a child – is going to be playing games on your phone then it’s worth checking they won’t be able to purchase any of these extras without your permission.

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Launch the Google Play app and tap the three vertical lines at the top left of the window. Choose Settings, then scroll down to Require authentication for purchases and ensure this is set to ‘For all purchases through Google Play on this device’.

Also in this Settings menu you’ll find an option to Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only, because some games are huge and can kill your data allowance. When downloading a large game from the Play store you should get a notification warning you and recommending that you turn on Wi-Fi

When you’ve looked through the list, be sure to check out our guide on where to find the best free apps for Android.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Fortnite (Free)

Following months of mobile exclusivity on iOS, Fortnite is now also available to download on Android.

You’re able to access the same 100-player Battle Royale that’s available on PC and consoles with a similar level of visual quality. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and are unaware of Fortnite, the concept is simple; drop down into the map, scavenge for weapons and materials and, using a combination of crafting and shooting, fight to be the last player standing.

Fortnite is arguably the most popular Battle Royale game out at the moment, and with a variety of cosmetics and the continual introduction of new game modes, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Ark: Survival Evolved (free)

Back in June 2015, Ark: Survival Evolved entered Early Access on Steam with the aim of coming to PC and Mac. Three years later and Ark has conquered not only PC but Mac, PS4, Xbox One and even smartphones on iOS and Android. It’s one of the most polished open world games we’ve seen available on Android, boasting a huge open world that you can explore by land, sea and air, and over 80 dinosaurs for you to discover, fight, tame and breed.

You can craft and build your own shelter, or work with friends online as a Tribe to build bigger and better structures. You can unlock a range of weaponry, from basic spears to high-tech weapons, and you can even ride some of the dinosaurs that you come across. What more could you want from an open world game?

The touch controls are much more intuitive than we were expecting too, with a short learning curve expected for new and experienced gamers alike. The best news is that taming times are much shorter than on PC and consoles, allowing you to build up your dino collection without having to feed each one for literally hours on end.

Being a free app compared to a full-price game on PC, there are a bunch of IAPs that can help gamers get ahead alongside an official Primal Pass subscription. The PP provides double XP to level up quicker, removes all ads, provides access to both preferred servers and preferred slots on free servers and other benefits.

While having the pass will provide quicker access to upgrades, new equipment and more, the good news is that everything is accessible without having to spend a single penny.

PUBG Mobile (free)

Does PUBG Mobile really need an introduction? The smash hit battle royale game that was released in 2017 is now available in mobile form for both iOS and Android gamers. Unlike the PC and console variant that’ll cost you £26.99, the mobile variant is free to play with a bunch of IAPs, though these are limited exclusively to cosmetics.

But while some assume that the experience is poor on a mobile device, the F2P mobile game actually features mechanics we’d love to see transferred to the main game. Most notably, when looting, useful attachments and items will be automatically picked up and equipped – ideal for those who aren’t sure about the myriad of weapon attachments available in PUBG.

Aside from the cool mechanics, the shooter isn’t as hard to use as some would imagine. It, of course, has a learning curve, but once you’re used to the positioning of the on-screen controls and the movement mechanics, you’ll be getting those chicken dinners easily.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition (free)

We were huge fans of Final Fantasy XV on consoles and on PC, and were very surprised at the release of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Not because of the artwork style – which we think works incredibly well and looks great on small screens – but because of how well the mobile game reflected the events of the console game.

There are differences; the open world isn’t as large as in the full game, and some tasks are simpler than console counterparts, but it works really well on smartphones. The game is free to download and provides free access to the first chapter, but you’ll have to pay for each of the nine chapters therein.

It’s worth noting that it is fairly demanding in terms of graphics and users may note an accelerated decline in battery compared to other mobile games.

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